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Hepatocyte Manufacture Svc


Pekin Duck Hepatocyte Manufacture (Serology Normal and/or DHBV+)

  • Derived from Young Ducklings (3 – 5 days)
  • DHBV is an approved human model surrogate

Procurement Options

  • Arrange Your Timeline and Acquire Larger Quantity Cell Products
    • Schedule Orders (you specify delivery day and cell counts)
    • Fresh Hepatocytes, Serology Normal
    • Fresh Hepatocytes, Serology DHBV+
    • Receive FIVE Products at One Time:
      • 1) Fresh hepatocytes (Serology Normal)
      • 2) 0.5 ml Whole Blood (Serology Normal)
      • 3) Fresh Hepatocytes (DHBV+)
      • 4) 0.5 ml Whole blood (DHBV+)
      • 5) 100 ml cell culture media
  • Defer Delivery until SciKon’s Next Cell Manufacture Schedule (pre-orders required)
    • Reserve Orders (limited cells):  First PO’s = first fill
    • Hepatocytes, Serology Normal
    • Hepatocytes, Serology DHBV+
    • Hepatocyte Cell Culture Media

Pekin Duck Alternative Organs (Serology Normal and/or DHBV+)

  • Derived from Young Ducklings (3 – 5 days)
  • Whole Blood, Heparinized
  • Organ Access:  Kidney, Intestine, Pancreas, Lung, Heart, Other…

Hepatocyte Proficiency (General)

  • Our scientists have wide-ranging cell phenotype proficiency; human, animal, rodent, bird, fish