CRO Services

CRO Services

Lab Service Offerings

SciKon is committed to delivering in vitro drug toxicity services in support of our clients’ drug development needs.  Many of our development activities are focused in early drug discovery, lead selection/optimization, metabolism, bioactivation, and systems physiology.  By leveraging advanced 2D & 3D plate-based benchtop techniques, SciKon can rapidly perform key assays (real-time and/or end-study) that allow you to identify potential issues with compounds that are being developed.

Two intrinsic examples: 1) SciKon’s resources include automated x,y,z high-throughput (HTP) imagers and readers for 3D culture evaluations with concurrent fluid flow analysis.  2) SciKon’s exclusive microfluidic SciFlow technology allows researchers to identify the difference between compound-related toxicity, metabolite-related toxicity, and concurrently delivers key cell bioactivation data in both HTP and data-centric outcomes (a montage assembly of data).

Metabolism Toxicity / Cytotoxicity

  • Exposure Time Course (multiple days)
  • Dose Response Curves (low -> high)
  • CellTiter Glo ATP Detection Assay
  • LDH, MTT, Live/Dead Assays

Hepatotoxicty / Cell Functions

  • Hepatocyte Cell Viability / Urea
  • Steatosis and Phospholipidosis
  • CYP / Enzyme Induction

Mitochondrial Toxicity

  • Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay
  • Metabolism (cell energy flux assay)
  • Hepatocyte (RST/OCR) Assay