SciFlow 1000 Webinars & BioApps

SciFlow 1000 Webinars & BioApps

Learn about Bio-Applications using the SciFlow 1000 Fluidics Culture System, including: concentration vs. time kinetics; cell-cell signaling; discern exposure compound vs cell metabolite effects; multi-organ systems; single organ toxicity; target organ exposures; and more.


  • We are happy to give research, product, and company specific webinars. We can provide information relevant to your needs, such as: use-models, functional assays, metabolism, cell-signaling, bioactivation, or imaging.  Please contact us. CLICK HERE

SciFlow 1000 Webinar… 2016 Technology & Applications details via youtube access CLICK HERE
SciFlow 1000 Webinar… previous 2015 webinar details via youtube access CLICK HERE
SciFlow 1000 Home Page… posters, videos, white papers, organ-systems, instructions CLICK HERE
SciFlow 1000 Fluidic Culture System Product Brochure CLICK HERE

No Complex Tubing or Pumps Required: Why risk losing compounds or expensive media supplements to pumps and tubing? The SciFlow 1000 is manufactured from the same plastic you currently use and is driven by gravity.

Improved Cell Health and Viability: Cells cultured in a fluidic environment are
healthier and show increased viability over extended periods of time.
Dynamic flow creates a more in vivo like environment.

Gradient Exposure: Simultaneously interrogate multiple compound
concentrations over the course of the experiment.

Parent/Metabolite Discrimination: Open access to all cellular compartments
allows for identification and quantification of all metabolic products.

Multi-Organ Capabilities: Different cells and tissues can be cultured in
interconnected wells allowing metabolites and conditioned media to flow
downstream for more biologically relevant compound exposure data.

Broad Compatibility: The SciFlow 1000 system is a tool used for culturing,
exposing, and analyzing cells. It is compatible with plate readers, high content
imagers, multi-channel pipettes, and a broad array of laboratory automation